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Too posh to push

This is the moment when the reality of David Cameron’s crap election campaign came home to roost. Screenshot 2015-04-14 06.45.39 (1) Having been bussed into the safe Tory heartland of Alnwick, Cameron found himself serenaded by a busker who sang a charming local ditty about Cameron fucking off to London with all his Eton chums. Cameron’s entourage responded by sending what looked remarkably like a pissed off Special Branch man, still probably smarting from the jogger incident of last year, to try and intimidate the busker into silence. The resulting stand-off doesn’t look good for anyone. It reinforces the impression, as Cameron scuttles down the street towards the safety of Alnwick Castle, of a campaign where the hurly burly of everyday life strikes fear into the PMs entourage.
You can watch the whole video here.

You can watch the whole video here.


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