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The Sunday Sermon; Hard People and Hard Laws

It has been quite a week for the expression of extreme opinions, Hopkins doing what she does best in the Scum, Jack Monroe leaving twitter, yesterday an LGBT activist and union campaigner being assaulted, then targeted with homophobic abuse online. Some might say its due to the election cycle, or the need for hits, especially at the Sun which struggles behind a paywall and Murdochs failure to understand the internet. Others dismiss it as just online, as in, online is not real, or has no impact, as if peoples lives are discrete little boxes with no connection between thought, word and deed.

And then you wake up to children drowning in the mediterranean

The med, where millions of British holidaymakers will paddle with their children, watching them play in those treacherous waves.

Those waves which dont care where you are from as they close over your head.

Those waves that dont care if you just wanted to make a better life for yourself and you your children

We are told that apparently every problem we have is caused by people getting into tiny boats, risking everything so they can get a sub minimum wage job washing dishes or cleaning cars. We are told we need strong laws, and strong borders because being able to get into the school of your choice isnt caused by a recorded baby boom but by a rape victim fleeing war daring to enrol her children in school.

And the waves wash over the bodies of children, little cockroaches, coming over here, taking our jobs.

We are told the country isn’t full because of decades of under investment in social housing, and the house price boom in London caused by the migrants we like, the rich, non tax paying ones. We are so full there is no room for the young man who wants to flee war and live in peace.

And the waves wash over the bodies of mothers, breeding cockroaches, coming over here, taking our homes.

We are told that the NHS cannot cope, this woman has a fistula from gang rape, piss leaking from her vagina, if we treat her the whole system will collapse. This man has HiV, condoms and sex education non existent in his home country. If we treat his chronic condition the sky will fall in. The migrants who work in the NHS, well, sending them home wont cause any problems at all.

And the waves wash over the bodies of families, whole families of cockroaches who dared to dream of a better life.

One day Jesus was eating with the Pharisees and they tried to catch him out, by seeing if he would heal on the sabbath, breaking the strict laws of the time. He responded;

Then he asked them, “If one of you has a child[a] or an ox that falls into a well on the Sabbath day, will you not immediately pull it out?” And they had nothing to say

If your child was drowning, or starving, or hiding in the bush each night to avoid gang rape, would you not do anything in your power to pull it out?

If you saw a life that could be yours, a world on the horizon that offered so much, would you not get in the boat?

Would you let someone drown because they had hope and dreams?

You can sign the petition to restart the rescue here 


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