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What became of the Communist Party?

Newcastle East has been rock-solid Labour for decades, so why put up a Communist candidate without a realistic chance of winning?

“It’s very much a case of putting pressure on Labour, such as what’s happened with the bedroom tax,” explains Stevenson.

“Abolition wasn’t Labour’s policy a year or two back, but as it’s got nearer to the election, they’ve said that they will. We’ve always said that we don’t agree with the bedroom tax.

“Because Labour is getting pressure from the left, it is having to adapt its policies now, but whether it actually happens when they get into power is another matter. Whatever happens, we’ll continue putting pressure on,” she says.

“We’re standing to let people know that there are other policies out there. It might persuade Labour to return to some that it used to have many years ago.”

The quote is from this article. So the CP has become nothing more than a pressure group on the left of Labour, imprisoned by its insistence on calling itself a party but behaving like a sect that can only exist if it has a larger organization that it can relate to.

At what point will the likes of Mollie Stevenson wake and realize that they could be more directly effective inside Labour than outside it? And what happens to the CP and the Morning Star then?


2 comments on “What became of the Communist Party?

  1. jemima2013
    May 4, 2015

    Whilst I disagree with your conclusion I think it is a sad feature of how right wing our collective political debate has become that the CP see themselves as little more than a pressure group. Perhaps if we had decent active effective far left parties the narrative on issues such as immigration would be challenged more often


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