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This is our truth, tell us yours

Talkingto the Queen

‘When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions’


‘Rendered careful and humble by our past defeats and disappointments, perfectly aware that for the moment we are a handful compared with the multitude on the other side, but … we must do everything in our power to persuade people, and particularly the young people, of something that once seemed self-evident, namely that it is possible to change life, yes life, by changing society through collective political action.’

Daniel Singer

We were a people wasting ourselves
In fruitless battles for our masters,
In lands to which we had no claim,
With men for whom we felt no hatred.
We were a people, and are so yet.
When we have finished quarrelling for crumbs
Under the table, or gnawing the bones
Of a dead culture, we will arise
Armed, but not in the old way.

R S Thomas

Well, it’s only right isn’t it? The Queen makes a speech to us, about what her government is going to do to us, so we should talk back, and tell her what we will do. That includes, for me, organizing, agitating and refusing to accept the single narrative espoused by her government. We are better, as a society, than the government assumes; more generous, more open minded and more tolerant.


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