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Is Labour Open All Hours?

You’ll remember Open All Hours if you’re of a certain age.

It features Ronnie Barker as Arkwright the grocer, running a corner shop that is already an anachronism, and which survives by force of will, not because of any commercial advantage. The world is passing Arkwright by, and much of the comedy is built round that fact, allied to his dysfunctional relatonship with his nephew Granville, a shopboy who dreams of nothing more than discarding his apron and abandoning the shopbike.

Arkwright’s shop is business consultant shorthand for any business where the proprietors and managers can’t see the world change around them because they’re too busy minding the shop. They’re working incredibly hard, but to no great end other than the chance to get out of bed tomorrow and open the shop again.

Andy, Yvette, Jeremy and Liz need to think long and hard about whether all their effort, all their ambitions, amount to nothing more than Arkwright coming downstairs again to fight the till and flip the bacon.


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