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Beware the charismatic leader

There’s a good post about the backstory of Kids Company here.

This quote from Wikipedia has been running around in my mind. “Blavatsky was a controversial figure during her lifetime, championed by supporters as an enlightened guru and derided as a fraudulent charlatan by critics.”

One of my favourite writers, Peter Drucker said “I have been saying for many years that we are using the word ‘guru’ only because ‘charlatan’ is too long to fit into a headline.” In my experience, the difference between someone being a guru and a charlatan is only a matter of time.

Watching from the sidelines the Kids Company debacle is a mixture of tragedy, fraud and misdirection. The very idea, that Camilla Batmanghelidjh possessed some secret knowledge of how to help children that was not accessible to experienced child care practitioners is high class nonsense. The affection of celebs like Alan Yentob and Coldplay for Batmanghelidjh is only evidence for the fact that even hardnosed BBC tripe merchants and tune averse navel gazing pop stars can be sold a pup by a charlatan with a good enough act.

We can only wish for what we deserve; a Labour politician who will have the courage to point out that we developed a universal welfare state to ensure that every child matters, not just the ones charismatic charlatans care about.


3 comments on “Beware the charismatic leader

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