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Condemned out of their own mouths

We’ve written before about Kids Co and its charismatic, needy leader. Here, for instance. And here.

Now the BBC have got hold of a rather revealing document about Kids Co and its relationship to its clients.It oozes neediness on the part of Kids Co, and a sneering, racist contempt for the clients.

Sample this quote for an example of the neediness; We have created a structure which acts as a substitute parent and extended family. The endings of these relationships will be therefore potentially equivalent to death of the primary care giver i.e. a mother, a father and/or the whole extended family within a biological familial structure.

It’s beginner level psychology, when you hear  a parent talking about the importance of the family to the child, to hear the parent talking about their needs, not the childrens. Hang around any divorce lawyers office or the Family Courts if you don’t believe me, or, if you’re not sure, ask yourself if Fathers for Justice is about the child or the father.

And the racism?

Without a functioning space for hope, positivity and genuine care, these communities will descend into savagery due to sheer desperation for basic needs to be met.

Thank heavens there were noble, charitable communities of white people, privately educated and privileged (like Camila Batmanghelidjh) to save the poor, dark skinned people from descending into savagery,which they are, according to Kids Co, likely to revert to without the intervention of the do-gooders.

Missionaries who went to Africa to save the poor black people were condemned as racists blind to the qualities of the civilizations they encountered and destroyed in the name of the superior European civilization they represented (for superior, you should usually read better armed….) Kids Co appear to have been kind hearted internal missionaries, saving people from themselves, whether they wanted to be saved or not. Like most missionaries, their motivation says more about themselves than about the people they purported to be trying to save.


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