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A reminder about what we think matters

In all the sound and fury of the Labour leadership election results it’s time to reflect on what matters to me.Not for narcissistic reasons, but because each step leads to another, and invites new challenges. This post sets out what I feel about that process.

Over the summer we wrote a series of posts about the things we felt Labour wasn’t talking about. It started with this piece about the Labour market, and this piece about the housing market.

In case you’re wondering, the fact that we have opinions about issues Labour has made a balls of discussing and addressing is not what we think matters. What matters is that Labour talks about the issues, and frames them in its own terms, not simply the terms of the dominant discourse. That was the spirit behind this post, and behind this one. I don’t think I can do better than the closure of that post;

It used to be the Labour Party’s job, as an institution, to provide ideas, to shape the debate, to guide the hands and voices of its members and representatives. That this is no longer the case is a stark symptom that Labour may be on the way out if it can’t find its voice and its sense of direction.

Over to you Jeremy.


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