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With a glass of Champagne and a smile…

#BaeofPigs, #Hameron, #Piggate, twitter has excelled itself in the past 12 hours. The Ashcroft allegations about David Cameron have of course been hung about with so many allegedlys that even the lawyers seem to be happy (and it is worth noting there is no superinjunction). As a penniless blogger it is still worth pointing out that they are just allegations however.

The right is trying to claim that sex with dead animals is normal high jinks, the sort of thing every young man gets up to after a few beers. It needs to be said, apparently, that no actually, sex with dead animals is not a normal part of growing up, banter, a laugh, fine among friends, something we have all done. At the other end of the political spectrum some are saying this is what happens if you go to Eton, typical public school boy behaviour. Again, nope, you might not like rich people, but guess what, most of them have a moral compass, most do not think sex with dead animals is fine or acceptable. Oh and no, this isn’t normal for people who play rugby either.

Be very careful who you other, who you excuse, and who you dismiss just because they are different from you.

Nor was this hazing, or abuse, or forced as some are trying to promote as their hot take. Piers Gaveston is not a fraternity in the American sense, we do not have fraternities in the UK. It is a club for elite white men to continue the networking which they see as their right. Cameron joined it through choice, as an adult, because like the more famous Bullingdon it would help his career. The drug angle is an interesting one here. Drugs are, it seems, and accepted part of the PG parties. Having lived on Blackbird Leys I have to say I was unaware that the OXfordshire constabulary were so lenient when it came to drugs offences. Of course we know their long inglorious history of ignoring sex crimes. 

Nor was this just silliness, or drunken pranks. Do I need to explain how people who drink are still responsible for their actions? Or that over the 18 we are adults?

Privilege? Shall I google it for you?

In many ways the drugs are as key to this as the pig fucking. Not because either of them are illegal or legal but because of the deeply feudal fucked up country we live in. Cameron, like many before him did not expect there to be a drugs raid, or any come back from his behaviour as a student. He exists in a bubble of privilege where there is only ever an up escalator. It is telling that his defenders are unwilling to even accept such an act would be gross and demeaning. Our ruling classes cannot comprehend of their position ever being demeaning. They exist in such a place that their behaviour is always right, always acceptable, simply because it is their behaviour. It is a circle of this is acceptable because I do it, and if I do it, this is acceptable.

Picture a young man, genitals out, putting them in the mouth of a dead pig.

Picture him laughing.

Picture his friends laughing.

What japes, what fun, how louche they are.

Picture them laughing at the food banks, the disabled dead, the body of a toddler on a beach.

This matters, this matters more than a few good jokes, this is a snapshot of our ruling classes. Those who believe they are untouchable, without basic decency, without any idea they can be censured for their behaviour. This is the world from which our rulers come, the world we have to struggle through. If they think sex acts with dead animals are acceptable, what line is there? What wont they do? Born into a privileged and entitled position they go through life believeing their are not limits to their behaviour.

This is a world where 12 men born to rule belive there is nothing unacceptable, nothing they cannot do.

This is the world of yewtree, of Elm House and Lord Janner. This is the world where our rulers are untouchable, above and beyond the law.


5 comments on “With a glass of Champagne and a smile…

    • jemima2013
      September 21, 2015

      thank you so much for that, excellent piece


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  2. Alex
    September 23, 2015

    The people today saying it is a perfectly normal thing to put your cock into a pigs mouth were banning pornography featuring female ejaculation less than a year ago.

    I don’t think enough people have pointed that out. We already know the Tories are misogynist, elitist, hypocrites. It’s a matter of drilling that point home with every opportunity.


    • jemima2013
      September 23, 2015

      Such a good point, I wish I had made it in the piece!


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