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How Germany treats paedophiles before they offend

We’ve blogged before on how prevention should be prioritized above retribution in issues ofchild protection, and about the reality that abuse is about the choices of the abuser. This Guardian article about the Dunkelfeld project, which aims to allow people who feel they may offend access to professional mental health treatment and attempts to modify their behaviour,seems entirely congruent with our views.

Source: How Germany treats paedophiles before they offend


2 comments on “How Germany treats paedophiles before they offend

  1. georgefinnegan
    October 17, 2015

    Seems like a worth-while project. However, they still down-play the female pedophile situation. A recent study (Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, Jan. 2015) of 66,000 data points in the US indicate 21% of the pedophiles out there are women. Moreover, if a parent sexually abuses their own child, it’s more than four times likely to be the mother. In light of that, when they say they’ve seen seventeen women come to them and only one they deemed to be a pedophile, you have to ask whether their definition is helpful and why haven’t they seen more. I suppose we could imagine that only American women have this proclivity, but I really doubt it. Or, they have a purist’s definition of ‘pedophile’ that doesn’t include women who sexually abuse children for reasons other than an innate attraction to children. That definition isn’t helpful if it is keeping people from becoming aware of a problem and helping to fix it.


    • jemima2013
      October 18, 2015

      I think in the years to come the idea that women can abuse children will be accepted in the way we are only just starting to come to terms with for men. If you read accounts of the Magdelen laundries for example it is clear much of the abuse was sexual, but we frame it differently, because it was perpetrated by women.
      This taboo goes so deep because of how we view women, as both non sexual, and nurturing.


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