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Greer, Dawkins, Zombies and Dinosaurs.

this is a space where we invite people to tell us their truths, if however your truth is that trans women are not women, dont bother commenting.

This weekend the refrigerator of mindless comment has been well stocked with frozen peaches. Germaine Greer, who in my youth seemed to present an alternative to the feminists telling me deep throating was a physical impossibility, has jumped so many sharks her home country is thinking of offering her a life guard job. I dont wish to link to her comments, suffice to say they are dripping with the venom of someone who senses money in clickbait.

This weekend also produced this wonderful post by Carter in which he mused on how his sense of who, and what he was has been shaped by those he comes into contact with. He was very complimentary on my part in this, and of course I am all too aware of the impact he has had on me and my ideas.Its sometimes hard to remember the naive person who just wanted to experience submission, and who once, totally unironically, had the signature “labels are for beans not people.” As he has changed, so have I in a mutual symbiosis.  I was particularly struck by the contrast with Greer and her ilk, their refusal to countenance that the next generation, or even their own contemporaries.

We live in a time of ever broadening ideas about gender and sexuality.The old strict binaries are under assault as people demand not to be forced into ready made boxes just to keep those of the previous generation happy.This should be a cause for celebration, particularly for feminism. The feminist struggle has been one which says simply because a woman may have a womb, she should not be defined by it. Simply because historically women have been seen as weak, or unintellectual, or natural nurturers, does not mean they should still be defined as such. Feminism began, and in its strongest moments has been the smashing of binaries, the demand we do not have to be whore or madonna, mother or career woman,

The refusal to rejoice in change, to actively fight against it, to demand that the world stop at a particular place keeps reminding me that unless we are willing to always learn then we run the risk of becoming dinosaurs like Dawkins and Greer. Dinosaurs can of course be scary, and cause a lot of damage. However they are obsolete, doomed for extinction in a world that has evolved past them.

As humans we have the most amazing gift however, we can choose whether to be a dinosaur or not. Greer at any moment could choose to see the wonderful new vistas opening around her as an opportunity. She could chose to learn from the next generation instead of mocking them. She could be a wise elder, sitting at the feet of the children, showing in her willingness to take that position her wisdom.

There is a buddhist story, that a king went to the Buddha to ask for a blessing. The Buddha replied, grandfather dies, father dies, son dies. The king was angered, until he was asked which order he would prefer? Ideas like people have their time, they live and they die. Hanging onto them against the order of things, growing angry because we believe the ideas of the son should die before the ideas of the grandfather shows us reacting like the king, or like Dawkins and Greer. We have wisdom when we realise our ideas should be superseded, and look to adapt and change.The death of an idea is not the end, it is the beginning, if we are not wishing to live in a world of zombies and dinosaurs.


11 comments on “Greer, Dawkins, Zombies and Dinosaurs.

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  2. korhomme
    October 25, 2015

    This is your blog, you make the rules. Yet I find the restriction of what we usually call free speech in relation to Ms Greer disturbing; more so, perhaps, than what she has said.


    • jemima2013
      October 26, 2015

      i could write an insightful reply, but another poster has already done so, instead i will say fuck off. Fuck off with the idea that you having to use google is somehow equivalent to the transphobia Greer supports. Fuck off with your rediculous idea that somehow an anonymous blogger not linking to hate speech is the same as hate speech. Fuck off with your neo liberal everything is up for debare, fuck off with your privilege, with your support for views that leave people like me raped and murdered, the blood staining the pavement while you step over us tutting about a student union. Fuck off with your belief that women exist to spoon feed you. Fuck of with not understanding what free speech is. Fuck off with thinking people have to be exposed to hate speech, fuck off with your idea anyone but governemnts can cenosr.
      Oh and just hgnerllay fuck off. Am i hurting your little free speech balls. good. go away grow up and come back when you learn how to be an adult.


  3. Christine Danielle Anderson
    October 26, 2015

    When people refer to the “principles of free speech” and any restrictions placed upon them, they tend to forget that it applies to governments and the restrictions they can and cannot apply to what is said by the people they govern. Individuals and organisations can and do restrict what people say, and they can do so with impunity if they so wish. Anyone can say anything they wish about me, but I am under no obligation to give them a platform to do so. Nor am I under any obligation to listen to what they have to say or pass it on, via links, recordings or any other means. If Germain Greer wishes to say something then none of us are required to listen or pass it on. Nor is Cardiff University obliged to allow her a platform. If Jem doesn’t want to link to what Germain Greer has said, then that is her right, and I respect that right. If you find this disturbing then I suggest that you look to yourself for an answer and not Jem.

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    • jemima2013
      October 26, 2015

      thanks for your commen, you get to the heart of the issue, only states can censor, Greer is free to say whatever horrible stuff she wants, however she has no right for a platform for that hate, be it a blog, or a stage in a student union. I do find it an interesting exercise in male privilege that someone complains about me not providing a link, rather than simply googling.


      • Christine Danielle Anderson
        October 26, 2015

        I have no problem with someone espousing an opinion, no matter how nasty it is. My problem arises when people confuse free speech restrictions with not wanting to listen to that opinion (no matter how nice or nasty it is). That’s when I really get annoyed. It gets even more annoying when they complain about having to find the information themselves, which is just laziness on their part. (I find the search for information can be quite enlightening).


        • jemima2013
          October 26, 2015

          pretty much my view, I largely didn’t link to Greer because there comes a point with hate speech where you have to decide if reproducing it, in some ways spreads it.signal boosting it as it were. That and the fact its on the front page of facebook trends, so hardly hard to find


  4. Alex
    October 26, 2015

    Thanks Jem. Signed the petition on Change.


    • jemima2013
      October 28, 2015

      thank you!


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