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Closure of Eaves – another nail in the coffin for the women’s sector? – Eaves, supporting vulnerable women who have experienced violence

Source: Closure of Eaves – another nail in the coffin for the women’s sector? – Eaves, supporting vulnerable women who have experienced violence

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve written about the perils of reliance upon charismatic leaders. Here’s one example. Here’s another. Irrespective of what you think of the practice enshrined within Eaves (I think it’s vile, by the way), here’s what they have to say about why they’ve gone bust.

Eaves has had to contend with high rents, project funding that does not cover the core costs so an increasing deficit and most recently the tragic illness, and subsequent loss, of our inspirational CEO Denise Marshall.

If the death of your CEO is a contingent factor in your collapse as an organization, then your business planning and risk management was always wrong.

I think Eaves are wrong about just about everything. But as a case study into the risks inherent in outsourcing government policy and service delivery to an organization led by an overly powerful moral entrepeneur, they’re just about perfect.


2 comments on “Closure of Eaves – another nail in the coffin for the women’s sector? – Eaves, supporting vulnerable women who have experienced violence

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  2. Wickedjulia
    November 1, 2015

    I suspect that there is a great deal I do not know simply being on a different continent.

    However, what little you’ve said reminds me of my own experience working at a domestic violence shelter run by a forceful crusading feminist who kept the place in a stranglehold during her tenure before being ousted during a kickback scandal. If she liked you (and you were a client) you got the services you needed and what extra we could give, donations, help with travel expenses, invitations to special events that could help you network with other organizations, intervention dealing with tight-fisted bureaucrats who needed to sign off on documents you needed to get those services.

    If you did not drink the kool-aid and worship at the Crusader’s feet, the client got MAE’ed. Minimum Acceptable Effort and shunted out the door as soon as her time was up. No extensions for that one, ‘she’s not ready to change’.

    It was the same for employees. If Crusader liked you, you got a job whether or not you were qualified to do that job. If Crusader didn’t like you, she found a way of getting rid of you. I watched her force out 2 different women, both incredibly good with clients, simply because she doubted their ‘dedication to the cause’. I’m ashamed to admit that I deliberately screwed up in a way that would get me fired but, still be able to collect unemployment just to get away from her but, I’d had enough. The funding organization still owes me for tuition and transportation reimbursement because of paperwork she stalled before she was ousted.

    2 decades later, I see the feminist movement still doing the SAME DAMN THING, allowing a handful of prominent thinkers dictate what everyone else should think, feel and say while letting them get away with squashing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. In the process, serious issues are ignored for the sake of political correctness.

    When the hell are we going to get this right?


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