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Jem and I have always known that part of our wonderful partnership is this conversation that masquerades as a blog.

We’ve been able, via this blog, and its predecesor, to fashion a blog that is, I hope,  knowing, informed and a contribution to a debate about the future of the left, of LGBTQI politics and about, in my case, ideas around leadership and organizational cultures.

I’m taking a step back for a month.

I started out, along time ago, as a really bad performance poet. I imagine myself, sometimes, as an essayist, or a commentator. The divide between that, and a blogger, is quite narrow.

Sometimes this blog is hard work for me, because, as an anonymous blogger, I have to move away from topics that might disclose more than I’m willing to give away about who I am.

For the next month, I’m going to work on the structure of a novel, an historical crime novel. I hope that novel will give me some more space to talk about the world I see than this blog does.

It means I will blog less. I want to give myself the chance to write differently. I’ll be back in December.

If you’d like to guest blog here, on topics similar to ours, email me.


One comment on “#Nanowrimo

  1. Jane
    November 1, 2015

    Selfishly I want to write “NO!!!” But despite the fact that your wisdom & insight will be sorely missed, it’s far better that you’ll be following your star. So good luck with the book! Look forward to reading you again in December 🙂


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