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#NaNoWriMo and me

So I’m trying to write a novel, aided and abetted by my co-author here, who listens to my ramblings wih great patience.

I managed to do 15000 words during November, but December is proving tougher. What’s been interesting along the way is the way in which the novel has reminded me about my influences.

I grew up reading scifi with an avid appetite – from Asimov, Clarke and EE Doc Smith to CS Lewis and my literary hero, John Wyndham. Another keen influence was Michael Moorcock. It was only as I grew that I started exploring crime fiction, and in particular the world of Raymond Chandler, of Dashiell Hammet, of James Elroy and James Lee Burke.

So it’s not surprising if a novel I try to write crosses genres, and tries to mix up a detective novel with the timeline shifting style of Moorcock.

I joked on my timeline last night about the novel I discarded twenty years ago. I hadn’t read Maxim Jakubowski at that time; if I had, I would have recognized that I was trying to write noir erotica. This time round I’m trying to write a novel in which sex and sexuality is part of the warp and weft of the novel, but notof the narrative. A road novel may be about the road, but it’s rarely about tarmac.

Was #NaNoWriMo useful to me? Yes. The novel will be finished, and I’m much more aware of the process now than I was when I tried to write my first novel, all those years ago.



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