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Confused, moi?

I try not to do the twitterspat posts, because they don’t help, but here’s one thta genuinely confuses me about how social media works.

Today’s fuckwittery started with this Guardian article.

@Sarahditum weighed in. As is often the case, it seemed as if her response was a non-sequitur.

Sarah went further. Now, I suspect I had the advantage over Sarah, since I’d read the article and I know something about the ethical code for psychotherapists, and what the Tavistock Clinic is. It would be a clear breach of the ethical code of the BACP if a therapist allowed the therapeutic process to be used in the way Sarah describes.

Pointing that out meant that I got the full force of the ire of Sarah and her friends at Everyday Victim Blaming.

The response I got from Sarah’s friends was this


So, according to Sarah and her friends, another woman, Susannah Abse, despite being a senior practitioner at the Tavistock Institute, has no training, and will collaborate in unethical practices, such as allowing therapy to be used to re-enact abusive behaviour.

I’m a spectator in all this. I’m on the sidelines, wondering how in the name of all that is holy I’ve wandered into a situation where feminists, like Sarah Ditum and EVB, are lining up to take potshots at a highly qualified and experienced female psychotherapist who is working to find new solutions to an otherwise insoluble problem.

Susannah ABse may be more privileged than Sarah Ditum or the people behind EVB, but she’s still a woman. Not just that, but a qualified and experienced woman, working in her field and seeking the best possible outcomes. So why are some women using irrelevant data about untrained therapists to criticize an initiative by a highly qualified therapist who works within an ethical framework?

AlI can do is shrug my shoulders. Archaeologists have a well worn riff where, when they don’t understand an artefact, they explain it as being of ritual significance. It means they haven’t a clue. It’s tempting to look at this spat and say ‘it’s ideological’, which ismy equivalent of ‘it’s ritual’. However, my Marxism has made me cynical. I suspect there are activists, like Ditum and EVB, who will shoot first and ask questions later in their determination to protect their assumed hegemonic position in the debate about domestic violence. Even if it means they savage other women, women who are trying to do their best, in the process.



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