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Seven songs in seven days: five

Bonnie Raitt: Angel From Montgomery

What’s not to like about such a beautiful song?


It’s a wonderful song about growing old together, even if that’s not the best option available.

It matters to me because so many of the songs I loved when I was a boy were sung by women. Discovering how many of them were written by men was a shock.

Imagine being a teenager watching a bar of women and gay men singing along to Band of Gold, and knowing it was written by men. Welcome to my world.

Bonnie Raitt is a beautiful, wonderful woman. She took John Prine’s song, and turned it into an anthem for women.

As a man, I learned a huge amount about the performance of gender by watching a woman make clear that a song mattered because of what it made you feel, and how it helped you see the world, not because of who wrote it.



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