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The jem remix day 4

So far this has been chronological, which has its place. However dwelling too much on the past can lead you to ignore the here and now. Its a trap that’s easy to fall into, and you can lose yourself, and your current happiness in a maze of what might have beens and if onlys.

So a song that is forever with me, present, future and past. Not so much a theme song, as me at different moments, in different places. One of the things about any Dylan song is you never know which Dylan you will get, the prophet or the jester, the prince or the fool. This version isnt even by Dylan, perhaps fitting with Carters discussion of gender this morning, but largely because Dylan’s lawyers leap on any unauthorised youtube, ironic given the myth and obsession around the bootleg tapes.

The first time I heard Blonde on Blonde was a moment out of time, the fact this was a whole side of one of the albums was groundbreaking, but then so was everything Dylan did. Its almost impossible to imagine modern music without him, rock, punk, heavy metal, the lone folk singer, the stripped back john lewis adverts, the political pop star. Chosing just one song from blonde on blonde is like asking me to chose which child I love the most, but the words of this have always called to me.

And your gentleness now, which you just can’t help but show
Who among them do you think would employ you ?
Now you stand with your thief, you’re on his parole
With your holy medallion which your fingertips fold
And your saintlike face and your ghostlike soul
Who among them do you think could destroy you ?



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