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Seven songs in seven days; Seven

A change of format today; I’m going to tell you about all the songs it isn’t, before I tell you about the song it is.

It isn’t Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat, the best song ever about leaving home.

It isn’t Because The Night by Patti Smith, the most pasionate song about desire, ever.

It isn’t Everything I Own by Bread, a great song about grief, and much misunderstood because of naff cover versions.

It isn’t Hurricane by Bob Dylan, even though it’s a great, narrative protest song.

It isn’t Say Hello Wave Goodbye by Soft Cell, the best breakup song ever, and one of those songs where you think the singer has been watching your life.

It isn’t Sign O’The Times by Prince, although I know there were times when another chance encounter might have made me another statistic, andwhen this song was an insistent reminder.

This has been a fun way of blogging casually, but with a smile, and, as ever, sharp reminders of reality from my blogging partner, playmate and friend.

For these seven days, these seven songs must end with the song that brings her to mind.


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