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7 songs in 7 days, the NYE remix

So yesterday I missed a day, due largely to the song I had chosen being wonderfully already taken. So I shall cheat and say Carters post was my day 6, and smile while I am doing it.

Like him day 7 seems almost impossible, no Joni Mitchell, Tracey Chapman, Michelle Shocked, women who in there own ways talked to me about different ways of being a woman.

No prince, the successor to Bowie in my queer cannon, whilst Carter chose sign of the times for it would have been Raspberry Beret. No Queen either, or even Boy George, all of whom taught me there were different ways of being a man.

No time for george thorogood, BB King (best live performer I have ever seen) or Robert Johnson, or their country brothers, Johnny Cash or Neil Diamond. Can I even start on how yes, I love Dolly, who made femme a thing before the word was even coined, or have sung along with Aretha when I needed the lift?

Its new Years Eve though, and my mind is going in a different direction. Its been a hard year at times, there were moments I did not think I would see this day. Its also been a wonderful year, a year where I have explored new joys, old fantasies and been transported to places I never dreamed off. Its been a year where Carter has made me feel beautiful and like anything is possible, and where the unnamed mr jem has held me as the demons roared.

So one song seems obvious, and perhaps fitting as we say goodbye to 2015.




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