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It’s been a bad week for anyone who gives a damn about trades unions or public safety, not least because of the self-indulgence of the likes of Michael Dougher, a man so shallow there are puddles in Newcastle with a bigger social media presence.

While the Corbynistas were busy proving they could be as ill-discplined in government as Jeremy was on the backbenches the government sneaked out the announcement that responsibility for fire and rescue services was moving from the DCLG to the Home Office.

The reason given was that the Home Office had so much experience with workforce change in the prisons estate, so it could bring its skills to bear on the fire service.

This, in the same week that Group 4 announced that seven of its prison staff at a private prison in Kent had been suspended for offences including buying and abuse of inmates.

Labour was too busy infighting to notice wat is going to be done to the fire and rescue service. That’s why I’m frustrated, because the thought of a Group4 fire engine bringing a bunch of zero hours contract ersatz firefghters to a blaze near me is genuinely terrifying. And it seems as if Labour didn’t even notice.


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