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The EU Hokey Cokey and the full English breakfast

As I commented the other day, the Labour campaign to encourage voters to vote for us to remain in Europe appears to be both patronizing and politically illiterate.

The great, brilliant Christopher Brookmyre prompted a lightbulb moment about the EU and Labour. The problem with Labour and Europe is that they take the same approach to Europe as those British tourists who fly fifteen hundred miles to a sun kissed Greek island, and head straight for a bar called the Rovers Return or the Queen Vic where they can order a full English breakfast with HP sauce. Oh, and a pint of Fosters on the side,and all for less than five Euros, if you please.

The problem with Britain and the EU isn’t that we’ve got too close to Europe; it’s that we haven’t got close enough. We look at other nations with their fair and proportional electoral systems, their well organized and modern parliaments and their neatly written and documented constitutions, and turn up our noses like a tourist in Torremolinos being offered a curved croissant for breakfast.

Labour should be honest and admit it; nineteenth century, quasi-feudal, corrupt but arrogant Britain doesn’t fit in a modern EU, and the answer is not Brexit, but for British democracy to start aspiring to European standards.


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