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Schadenfreude and the commentariat

The news that Ian Duncan-Smith has spat out his dummy is horrific news for the commentariat. There has been no warning, no pre-briefing, just a curt and brutal letter to the Prime Minister that puts the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the dock for the way he has managed the economy. If your job is predicting the new, based on briefings from friendly spin doctors, this is your worst moment so far.

If, like this blog, you care about the welfare state, about redistribution, about the idea that, as a community, we care and share alike, rejoice that IDS is gone. Rejoice, too, that his spite is aimed at his fellow Tories, not at the rest of us. SMile too, at the fact that the commentariat have been blindsided.

Then sit back, and leave the attempts to explain tonight’s bombshell to the commentariat. There will be dozens of explanations, hundreds of conspiracy theories. The commentariat is a multi dimenional spectrum, and every side of it will have an opinion about IDS’s assault on his former colleagues. Most of what is said will be utter bollocks offered up by commmentators desperate to prove they can gauge the mood better than anyone else.

What happened tonight was a genuine shock. Look for evidence, not opinion. Enjoy the moment, if you wish, but don’t allow a thousand theories to cloud your vision. If your conclusion is that IDS is lying, in order to sabotage his former colleagues over Europe, ask yourself why his friends cannot produce a smoking gun. Ignore the opinions, and look for the evidence, while enjoying the moment.




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