Sometimes, it's just a cigar

This is our truth, tell us yours

When doves cried

First Bowie, now Prince, our queer heroes are passing, leaving the world a darker, duller place. Bowie was the one who opened my mind to the idea there was more to gender than dreamt of in your narrow, binary philosphies. His death hit me like I had lost one of my own, and indeed I had, for without him I would never have recognised what my own was, the baby geeks, freaks and queers who became my tribe at high school

Prince was different, Prince did not lead, he exploded, and he exploded in my loins. Queerness is about gender, as much as it is about sexuality, queerness is an adjective and a way of being. And, for me, queerness is about who i want to do XY and Z with.

They needed to invent new alphabets for Prince. I did not even know what it was that I was reacting too, he was by no definition conventionally attractive, yet as a teen I knew he oozed a different form of attractiveness, one I desired.

When he played he was a vituoso, the guitar raised above the mundane in his hands. But even this, his musicality seems tied to his sexual energy. This perhaps makes more sense to me since I have known Carter, who with some mysterious alchemy knows that my clit is directly connected to his hands when he plays the guitar. Arousing if slightly embarrassing in the middle of Windows music shop.

Sometimes you cannot look at someones fingers,tongue, arms without wondering, wanting, to feel them on you.


I realise it might sound like I am turning Prince solely into a sex symbol, always problematic when it is a white person writing about a person of colour. I dont have Carters knowledge or understanding of music, but I do know what I liked, and from the very first moment I heard Purple Rain I was a fan.I cannot separate the effect Prince had on me, the very physicality of the music, sometimes music is sex, sometimes music transcends sex, and sometimes it becomes part of sex.

Apologies if this is a bit rambling, I am still under the influence of sedation from minor surgery today.


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