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What’s going on at the Guardian?

Are the Guardian engaged in stealth advertising or product placement?

I read this article because I like a cheap vicarious thrill as much as the next person.

By the time I’d finished it I knew no more than I knew when I started it, and I didn’t understand why the Guardian published it.

The use of links in the article to other Guardian articles about dating apps seemed a little inconsistent.

Then I followed the link about BV, or bacterial vaginosis to give it it’s full name. You can find the NHS explanation about BV here.

The Guardian link didn’t lead there. It led here, to a website of a company promoting a cure for BV.

Apparently, Balance Activ is clinically tested. Here’s an interesting summary of the state of research on the use of products containing Balance Activ’s ingredients. And here’s what NICE had to say about treatment of BV:

Vaginal acidification

  • Several products containing intravaginal lactic acid are available over-the-counter; however, there is insufficient evidence to make a recommendation on the use of vaginal acidification for the treatment of BV.
    • Evidence on the efficacy of vaginal acidification with lactic acid or acetic acid is conflicting and studies are generally small and of poor quality.


  • There is insufficient evidence to recommend the use of probiotics in treating BV.

So why is the Guardian recommending Balance Activ in an article that has no reason to be published other than as a puff piece for Balance Activ?


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