Sometimes, it's just a cigar

This is our truth, tell us yours

Performance redefined

I mused on whether to post this, its not after all a poetry blog. It is however a blog which is founded on a relationship between two people, which looks at how as humans we navigate relationships, personal, political, sexual, familial.

Having to explain a poem is always something of a quandry, any work of art which needs footnotes is, in my opinion a lesser work of art. At the same time explanation can help understanding. Do you need to know for instance that I lived in a city where minor earthquakes were so common that you ignored them, blase about the way the earth shrugged with regularity? I believe the experiences here are almost universal. Friendship groups that fall apart because two members pair off, and men who misinterpret the practical as a proposal of marriage.

Performance redefined by a 50s diner in an asian city,

As the heat pours off the streets,

We occupy our space in the land of occupations

A new invasion of loud white bodies.


It may have been the happiest night of my life

Surrounded, belonging, passing bottles and plates of fries

A card carrying alien finding a space

Between two americans with perfect hair and teeth


Later, as I climbed onto his motorbike,

The unnecessary metaphor of the engine throbbing between my legs,

He turned to me, and spoke over the roaring in my ears

It may have been, “Are you sure?”


And they collectively rose from the table,

The fractures of continental drift stronger

Than the bonding power of beer and burgers

To hold a moment in space and time


Naked, astride him, I could not hear,

The movement of tectonic plates,

Over the sounds of my orgasms,and Joni Mitchell

Singing of loss and self deception


He drove me home, as the sun rose

Over a drawn out city. One night

After holding hands instead of holding me down for anal sex

I suggested I bring a toothbrush, to sit next to his


And the movement of continents caught him

No longer an imperceptible change in the land beneath

But jet speed, light speed, god speed, flight

Across the pacific


The diner closed, and became a breakfast shop

There is always demand for the 5 am performance.


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