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Media misdeeds

Imagine what it takes to be a journalist these days.

It’s the FA Cup final; Manchester United are going to win their first trophy since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson,and someone within the hierarchy gives you a tip.Louis van Gaal is to be sacked.

What’s the story? That van Gaal is to be sacked? Or that someone within the Manchester United hierarchy is so spiteful, so cruel, so manipulative, that they’ll give the BBC the story to ensure that van Gaal’s parade is rained on.

Either way, the result is a press conference where the winning manager is humiliated, atacked and criticized by journalists who have multiple sources within Manchester United, and Jose Mourinho helpfully available, via his agent.

Who decided, amongst the journalists, that they should swallow the Kool Aid and allow themselves to be manipulated in such a way?

Surprise, surprise, three days later journalists appear hugely well informed about who Jose Mourinho will buy,the tactics he will play and the future strategy of Manchester United. It fills columns, but it isn’t journalism. Journlism is revealing the things people  don’t want revealed; all the rest is public relations.


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