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Othering and medicalization

According to a group of American therapists who turned up in my timeline tonight, Donald Trump is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.

Disorders are not diseases.

Disorders  can only exist in medical texts if someone agrees, or rules on the consensus of what is orderly. Disorders are then created by classifying the ways in which individuals are not orderly.

It is a very human, and person centred assumption, to assume, unless there is strong evidence to the contrary, that Donald Trump knows who and what he is. The same asumption applies to other narcisistic politicians like Tony Blair. In fact, it’s the best way to understand them; they’re in politics for the blowjobs, and they know it. Trump is cynically moving position on whole chunks of his programme, because, having captured the Republican party, he knows that he has to capture the middle ground if the blow jobs are to continue. That’s a moral choice, not a medical condition.

Since I had what I ironically call a psychiatric outage a couple of months ago I have looked for congruencies between how I feel and identified disorders. Sick of the fucking bullshit disorder has not yet been copyrighted; neither has ‘feeling like you bastards are shitting on my face’syndrome.

Through my fellow blogger I have discovered lots of people who describe their experiences as spoons theory, or the idea that sometimes you simply run out of energy. Cyclists call it burning all the matches; that moment when you simply have no more energy to bring to the table.

That’s not a disorder. It’s a matter of resources. It’s congruent with how I feel.

I am hugely blessed. Two or three times in my life I have been blessed with doctors who have subscribed to the idea that ‘if you’re not unwell, in these circumstances, I would be worried about you.’ My current GP describes my psychriatric outage as perfectly sensible. They may not be great doctors, but they are great friends


My brother used to protest that my books, as a child were in the wrong order because they were arranged by series or topic, not author. They were, in his view, disorderly. I would disagree with him, and we would agree to differ, because there was no huge moral principle at stake.

If Donald Trump’s people want to argue that their candidate is so disordered that he knows not what he does, then it’s OK to argue that he has a meaningful disorder. Until they do, let’s be honest.  Trump is a twat because being a twat is what makes him feel like he’s getting the blowjobs he deserves. It’s what gets him out of bed in the morning.

What’s more, a goodly proportion of his followers are so obsessed with strong leadershp that they will agree Trump deserves those blowjobs. Even if we knew that Trump had a disorder, he exhibits behaviours that make people want to vote for him. If you don’t get that,and think Trump is about policies, not emotions, you will fail to understand him. You’ll also fail to  understand the restof us who are also medicalizedwhen we don’t quite fit in.



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