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We dont need Ref2; This is what we need

So Thursday happened, people voted for rainy fascism island to become irrelevant rainy fascism island. My timeline is full of racist and xenophobic attacks and everyone I know who can leave the country is doing so. Oh and labour MPs are attacking their leader rather than trying to improve things for their constituents, showing that the mendacious selfishness of Gove, Cameron and Johnson applies to them too.

Brexit happened,  its encouraging violence, and companies are already pulling out, job losses are already happening, ref2 ignores that this is one genie we cannot put back in the bottle, and delay right now is only going to make things worse.  So what do we need?


We need someone leading the tories, we need pressure on this to happen immediately, banking jobs need not be lost if the negotiation team where already in place ensuring that UK based banks could still operate in Europe.

The disappearance of Gove, Osborne and Johnson should not ever have happened, the recession caused by Fridays turmoil could have been partially avoided if they had spoken on Friday of their plans to lead the leave negotiations. Its obvious they have no plans, thats not an excuse, they need to be pushed now to step up, and ensure no more jobs are lost.

All talk of ref2 encourages the idea delay does not matter, it does, companies need to know whats happening, and if they dont, they will simply pull out. Sturgeon knows this, its why on Saturday morning she immediately announced what will happen in Scotland.  Delay is costing jobs, screwing the economy, negotiations should have already started, we must put pressure on the Tories, if we wait til October, the economic situation will simply continue to get worse

Practical Solidarity

People are being attacked because of their race or nationality. We need (and hear I mean those who are able) to find away of standing up to this. It has been suggested people wear EU badges, to show they can be approached if someone is scared or in danger. Of course this will only make the wearer a target too so has to be carefully thought through. Safe houses/spaces also need to be set up in my opinion, the violence isnt going away, its only going to get worse. If there is, god forbid, a ref2, it will escalate to levels which make the 70s look like a picnic.The far right will not accept another referendum, indeed it will be a recruiting sergeant for them across the country, a genuine grievance to add to their invented ones. Local groups, left wing orgs, trade unions, all who have the ability to organise have to start talking now about how they make known there are people who will intervene, support and protect foreigners.


Careerist politicians like Benn, who think this is all about their personal ambitions are using this to try to topple a leader who is personally popular, and who managed to avoid the referendum being about him. Despite the fact data shows for many this was a tory referendum, they are blaming the Labour leader. They need to shut up, or resign and allow bye elections. Labour needs to pressure the Tories to ensure we have a good strong negotiating team, and decide what its line in the sand issues are around workers rights, human rights, employment protections and LGBTQ rights.

The country voted to leave the EU, its terrifying to live on such a racist, insular, backward island, but thats the reality. Right now its easier to pretend it didn’t happen, but it did. As Carter wrote, sometimes in a break up we want to pretend everything can be the way it was. You cant, so now we need to try to salvage what we can from where we are, not where we wish we could be.




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  1. reecemjones
    June 26, 2016

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    Just some thoughts by someone smarter than I on immediate steps to take for people, now we’ve had a few days to let Brexit settle in.

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