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The Chilcott Report is published today.

It’s the lead news on most serious outlets.

The inquiry report is expected to run to 3,000,000 words.

The question is whether there will be any evidence of remorse.

Not just crocodile tears from Bush or Blair, or any of the others who will be singled out, but genuine remorse from all of us, that our democracy could lead us to a place where irrational decisions rooted in short-term political advantage could lead to a war that has left hundreds of thousands dead.

Today will be full of noise and fury about the individuals who will have to bear their share of the blame. I am one of them. I’m one of the people who tolerated Blair,who tolerated a system where so much power and so much control over information rested with one man and his coterie.

I will take time today to remember that, to remember that remorse, like charity is a thing that begins at home,and I will reflect on what I did, and what I could have done.

If the pubication of he report turns merely intoa  demand for show trials and scapegoats, leaving everything else unchanged,we will have missed an opportunity. That opportunity begins with my reflection, and my remorse for the things I tolerated.



One comment on “Remorse

  1. emdimensional
    July 6, 2016

    I try to steer away from politics in this blog and focus heavily on it in other places, but I’m having to fight very hard against my strong urge to share what you’ve written.

    Your words are important. Powerful. Thank you for this.


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