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The rules of politics

My friends in the Labour Party could usefully spend some time reading this article by Jon Favreau.

As well asbeing amuch needed reminder of how media narratives about politicians shift and change it has three handy rules everyone should take to their heart.

1. Campaigning still works.

2. Making an argument against your opponent still works.

3. Laying out an optimistic vision for the future still works.

Labour will, by the time of its conference in September 2016, have spent 12 months campaigning on internal issues about the party leadership.

It needs to remember rule one; campaigning still works, especially if it’s campaigning directed at all the voters, not just those entitled to vote for the Labour leader.

Rule two has similar significance. Despite what Labour party members appear to believe, voters are more interested in what Labour has to sayabout Theresa May than about Owen Smith or Jeremy Corbyn. A reasoned argument about Theresa May and her current policies would be an interesting alternative to the current obsession with how many times Jeremy rebelled or how many times Owen obeyed the party whip in the past.

Rule three of course is the one that matters. The vision thing. It’s timeLabour stopped pointing out to itself who has the largest speck of dust in their eyes, and started talking about what Britiain could look like under Labour.

The rules really haven’t changed.


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