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Ten of the best

This article tells you what one author thinks about every recorded Bruce Springsteen song.

I haven’t the patience or the inclination to do that.

Here are the ten that matter most to me, in no particular order.

1 The Promise

I know two versions of this song, but both have the same persuasive, convincing explanation of how some men live their lives.

2 Bobby Jean

There are times when I listen to this song, and want to cry as I think of the lovers and friends I have left behind.

3 Factory

My father is deaf. The factory took his hearing. The factory shaped his life. ‘Nuff said.

4 Youngstown

History. Economics. Reality. What more do you want?

5 Cautious Man

‘When I got there I found nothing but road’. So does everyone else. ‘Nuff said.

6 The River

A song about what we all got for our nineteenth birthdays in our parents dream world-a union card and a wedding coat.

7 Jack of all Trades

A beautifully angry song about showing our love, not talking about it.

8 Devils and Dust

In the fields of blood and bone we never escape  who we are…

9 Highway Patrolman

Because we love our family and the ones who matter to us, whatever the rules

10 Land of Hope and Dreams

It’s our train, full of whores and gamblers, a train bound for hope, and we have to be the crew….


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