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Fear the Good Guys


Content note for discussion of violence against women including rape and murder

Marc Lepine

Charles Joseph Whitman

Peter Sutcliffe

Elliot Rodgers

Gary Ridegway

Moses Sithole

Gennady  Mikhasevich

Some of these names you might know, some, if you are a sex worker, you wish you could forget, all targeted women, and at some point in their defence blamed women’s behaviour for their choice to rape and murder.

Choice, it’s an interesting word. Carter wrote about male choices at the weekend, how men are not flotsam blown by the wind, how fragility is not a defence, even if life events are an explanation

Choice lies at the heart of the debate around sex work,  prohibitionists, swerfs and misogynists hold identical, and completely contradictory views about choice. Men, for all of these groups, are unable to control their behaviours>They are driven mad by the sight of a pair of finely turned ankles, their actions  caused by the choices of women. Whilst at the same time women are too weak-minded to make genuine choices, and any behaviours they exhibit are simply the result of not taking the red pill and recognising their patriarchal/feminazi  brainwashing.

The incoherence of this stance, with women as both all-powerful and powerless is not helped by the fact that both swerfs and MRAs see themselves as the elite who have broken free from the chains that bound them. The only difference between political lesbianism and Men going their own way is that think pieces were written in the 70s about the former, and are current about the latter, otherwise they are the same cult wrapped up in different packaging.

In some ways it would be easier if both were a  genuine cult, like the westboro baptist church, easy to hide behind angel wings and rainbow houses. Unfortunately our lazy media and deference for those who use long words leads people into believing that arguments which logically make no sense are treated with far more respect than they deserve.

When ideas are given legitimacy beyond their actual shelf life then time, and energy, needs to be spent challenging them, even if it might seem a distraction from the fundemental issues at stake. Which brings me to this tweet, of a “notice” put up and spotted by @mitchberghini

Fear the good guys

The good guys are apparently those whose anger at women’s choices cause them to litter their towns with what looks like the start of another serial killers murder/suicide note. It’s that word again ~choice~

By choosing not to speak to random men in the street, women are choosing to have mens anger directed at them, to be called uptight, snobs, bitches, rude, whores, sluts, cows, frigid, aloof, cunts, ho’s…

By choosing not to let a total stranger touch them or their possessions women are ~choosing~ to have that stranger rail against them

By choosing to believe they have the right to control their body, and the space around it, they are ~choosing~ to have that body and space invaded by men outraged at such a belief.

Fear the good guys

Fear the men who want to see women suffer for their ~choices~

Fear the men who cannot comprehend women have choices

Fear the men whose personal slights have been given a cause, who need not spend time in self-reflection because the problem is never their behaviour but women’s ~choices~

Most of all fear the fact that there exists the unholy alliance of MRAs and rad fems telling these men they are right, they are not responsible for their behaviour and that women are not capable of  rational choice.



One comment on “Fear the Good Guys

  1. ValeryNorth
    October 4, 2016

    Very relevant to my tweet earlier as well – some of those same lines suddenly appearing from a guy who up until then had done a pretty good job of making people feel safe on his site. I’m accepted, and treated as, a woman on that site so that meant I was in the firing line. I really thought he was decent, and at least trying to “get” it. And then this sort of thing!

    Fear the good guys, indeed.


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