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Swanger and Donald Trump

I’m trying not to say too much about Donald Trump. It’s not as if another voice is needed.

Swagger anger, or swanger for short, is the narcissistic use of anger or outrage to make onesself look more impressive, to bolster onesown reputation by being angry about the right things. Watch Trump promising to imprison Hilary Clinton, and you see swanger, the use of outrage to impress, in action.

Certain types of court cases also bring it to the forefront. Child abuse cases for instance. The Ian Watkins case for instance. Not much neeeds to be said about the Watkins cases  except that the scent of swanger, on social media and in the press, was almost as sickening as the moral posturing of Z list celebrities like Peaches Geldof who believed their opinions to be valuable and valued.

Ordinarily I would move on, perhaps after snarkily observing that Peaches Geldof may have her own reasons for wanting to vent some anger against ‘bad’ mothers that should be dealt with by a competent therapist rather than Twitter, but, when thinking about Donald Trump,and reactions to him on Twitter, I had to swallow down some bitter angry thoughts of blogging, three years ago, about the death of Bijan Ebrahimi, when I coined the word swanger.

Google Bijan Ebrahimi. Think about being other on an estate where people have only swanger to give them status amongst their peers. Think about an innocent, gentle man being kicked to death by a posturing, swangering bully for being other than him.

There’s a temptation, when you mention narcissism, to think about the narcissism of the rich, the wealthy beautiful people. Narcissism doesn’t acknowledge those boundaries. It is possible to be poor, and narcissistic, and dangerous. It is also possible to be politically correct, and to deploy swanger as a way of setting yourself apart from others, asaformof narcissism in which how you appear to be is more important than where you’re going. If I don’t always speak out about Trump, it is because I do not wish to be another leftie deploying swanger in pursuit of my own reputation, so I consider my words carefully.

Showing Trump to be wrong is more importan to me than showing that I am righteously angry. Within the Labour Party the parallels are almost inescapable; better by far if the new commentariat spent less time telling us what they are angry about, and more time telling us what they are in favour of.


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