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Ideas emotions and elections

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party languishes in the opinion polls even as it inspires its members to ever more persistent belief in its moral rectitude.

The problems are two-fold.No-one,not even Corbyn and his team, seems to know what a Corbyn governed Britain would look like, nor do they know why that would be better than what we have now.Knowing what Cirbyn and his team are against doesn’t inspire an emotional connection with them or their project.

Policies, by themselves, don’t generate an emotional connection for voters. So here’s a suggestion for a policy that connects emotions and a picture of a Britain moreliekly to attract socially conservative voters.

The need to change the way in which goverment raises tax is one of the unstated and unattractive facts of government. The reality of globalization is that taxes based on profit or gain are more easily avoided than ever before.

Try and sell a proposal for a new tax on that basis, though, and you’ll drown in protests.There is an example of an alternative approach  of course; government managed to get us all to pay for carrier bags in the shops,and it worked.

So ladies and gentlemen, I give you the logical extension of the carrier bag charge, the packaging added tax. Collected from manufacturers and distributors , not consumers, each time a packaged product changes hands, every penny collected will be used to reduce National Insurance, the most regressive tax.

Sound like a good idea? Voters don’t vote for good ideas. They vote for pictures of streets cluttered with litter, of wheelie bins groaning with waste and the boxes and plastic trays you need to throw away before you can eat your ginger biscuits from Morrisons.

The trouble is that the Corbynistas are emotionally illiterate,and seemingly oblivious to the idea that voters need an emotional attachment to every policy idea. that they will vote for.It’s not enough to come up with the packaging added tax, you need pictures of how we live today, and how we could live if only we voted for that nice Mr Corbyn and that sensible tax proposal that means we’ll have less to throw away….



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