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Trump, Time, and how the left doesn’t help itself.

Every year, Time, an American magazine which passes unnoticed by the world for 364 days of the year gets its moment in the sun by announcing the “person of the year“. It chooses someone who has, in their view, had an influence worth noting in shaping that years events. In 1936 it was Wallace Simpson, in 1979 the Ayatollah Khomeini, and this year they have, unsurprisingly, chosen Donald Trump.

The move from Simpsons punchline to president elect of the United States is a story no news organisation can ignore, and his influence, in America’s top job is obvious. Why then are so many of those on the left reacting as if he has just been invited over to babysit their 12 yr old daughter?

Pretending Trump has not, and will not, shape the world is frankly ridiculous. Claiming person of the year is an endorsement simply plays into the hands of his supporters, who will be saying that it is. Right now what is needed is pressure on news organisations to start doing their jobs, reporting, critically and without fear on the actions of those who have avoided proper interrogation up to now.

It is also worth pointing out Trump is not Farage. There is good reason to ask why the BBC invites a politician who has failed to get elected 6 times, of a minor, shrinking party, on to our screens  every week. There is good reason to ask why the media on both sides of the Atlantic has failed to ask the important questions of both Trump and Farage.

However now, to demand that Time ignore Donald Trump, as if we can magically wish him away, is not only foolish, but dangerous. He will be the most powerful man in the west after January. We need the full glare of the media spotlight on him, at all times, his every move watched. To ask for anything less is to allow him the freedom to carry out his corrupt agenda. Trump is not going away and the left should not be asking the press to look away, they have done enough of that already.


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