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A blog for the year’s turning

Depending on your preferences in astronomers, it’s the shortest day either today or tomorrow in the northern hemisphere

The year is turning. They do that,even if a little less precisely than we might hope.

Eric Hobsbawm as a historian, was fond of defining what he called long centuries and short centuries. Long centuries were the ones that seemed to overlap with the centuries either side; short ones the bit in between.

For instance, arguably, the twentieth century was a short century, starting after the end of the Russian Japanese war and the last of the old naval battles at Tsushima, and ending with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

That’s one for the historians to mull over and argue about, but if you apply the same logic to years, the diference, for each of us, as to whether a year is a short year or a long year can be influenced by our choices. We all make our own history, even if we don’t control the circumstances in which we make it.

My social media timeline has been alive with people saying that 2016 has been a bad year. I don’t need to disagree. All I will say, as an optimist and a positivist, is that the answer, at the year’s turning, is to decide to make 2017 better. Don’t decide to overthrow Trump, unless you can, but decide to do the things you can to make the world reflect the things that matter to you.

Why else did our ancestors decide that the turning of the solar year was significant? New light, new hope anda chance to make new choices. That’s my song for the year’s turning.


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