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The Guns of Brixton

This list of books I wish I’d written has been a mashup of observations about genre fiction, political writing and philosophy.

This recommendation is for a book that’s no better than it ought tobe, an unashamed slice of pulp fiction from Mark Timlin, who took charge of the crown of king of British noir from the very beginnings of his writing career.

Guns of Brixton is a reboot of an older tale, but that’s part of the charm of Mark Timlin. There’s an unashamed pulp commercialism about his writing; he writes because it is profitable, in a style deeply reminiscent of Ted Lewis and his noir predecessors.

At the same time there’s something reminiscent of Michael Moorcock in the way Timlin weaves other characters from his South London canon into Guns of Brixton, providing more of their back story and fleshing out the novel’s generational narrative.

Timlin is an utterly authentic writer; perhaps limited in his reach,and obsessive, but true to his last and coherent. Guns of Brixton is a strong willed, strongly written coda to decades of pulp excellence and deserves to be judged as such.

I wish I’d written it.


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