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Inauguration Day

There is an urban myth that George Washington was offered the monarchy of America, and turned it down, to become the first president.

Watching now the bizarre event called “inauguration” it seems impossible to know what difference that rejection makes. Part religious ceremony, part coronation it speaks to the strange way America has a monarchy in all but name.

Naming things matters, once we put names to a feeling, an event, a form of government, we can honestly consider what it is and how we react to it. One of the things that happens in therapy is we discover the names for the things we are experiencing.

America calls itself a democracy, it is not.

America claims it elects a political leader, it does not.

With a system designed to prevent ordinary people having a voice, and a model which any alien from the outside would see for what it was, an antidemocratic method of ensuring power remained concentrated in the hands of the few, very few countries are as undemocratic as the United States.

Given this it is no surprise its new monarch is ushered in with Christian readings, and a firm rejection of secularism. For not only is America undemocratic, it unites church and state in its monarch. Just as the leaders of old claimed the divine right of kinds so Trump is seen, by the very way the inauguration is organised, to be divinely appointed.

For the next 4 years people will protest the laws, the words, the prejudice, and the wanton destruction of the Trump presidency. However, unless steps are taken to move America away from its theocratic and undemocratic structures, and remove the invisible crown from the head of the president it will not change in any meaningful way. It does not matter who wears the crown whilst their subjects refuse to put names to how they are ruled.

A Trump presidency will be bad, but, the underlying rot, does not come from Trump, but from the structures which allow their king to be chosen, crowned, and given power.




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