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A short proposal with much to be modest about

It is great news that over 1.5M people don’t want Donald Trump to come to Britain on a State visit.

When Richard Lewis was hung at Cardiff Prison in for the crime he wasn’t accused of, not the crime he didn’t commit* the large crowd of sympathizers must have been only a partial comfort.

1.5M signatures is a partial consolation. The thought that the trumpster might miss out on Ferrero Rocher and small talk about the corgis is social media politic is descended into self parody.

Ask yourself this. If the petition said ‘Give each refugee turned away from the US a British passport so they can get in, would you sign?’

If you wouldn’t, what are you angry about? Trump, doing what he said he would, or the plight of the refugees, the innocent, the world citizens who want to move, and live and love with freedom?





*Lewi was hung for stabbing a soldier; his more likely offence was that he was an awkward bastard


2 comments on “A short proposal with much to be modest about

  1. sanecinema
    January 31, 2017

    As a US/UK dual citizen I am horrified to by both countries approach to refugees and think that both should be doing more. However, there are so many ways in which the US and UK are not equivalent (different sizes, populations, history etc.) that I don’t think it makes sense for the UK to take everyone turned away by the US, which is what you are de facto suggesting.


  2. Alex
    February 5, 2017

    No to passports! No to borders!

    I’d sign that petition though. More people here the merrier.


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