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Short thoughts on Tony Blair’s racism

In a speech issued today Blair has addressed Brexit in strident tones. Apparently it should be resisted. Quelle surprise, as you might say.

The troublesome passage for all those who’ve ever excused Blair’s faults because of his government’s achievements is as follows: “…for many people, the core of the immigration question ā€“ and one which I fully accept is a substantial issue ā€“ is immigration from non-European countries especially when from different cultures in which assimilation and potential security threats can be an issue.”

Now,if the EU referendum was about immigration,and especially non white immigration, which Blair asserts is for many the core of the immigration issue, how does that explain the referendum result in Northumberland?

In case Blair has forgotten, or never knew, Northumberland is the whitest county in England. The figure for non white population is roughly 2%.
Whatever the reason for Northumberland voting to leave the EU it wasn’t the experience of non white migration into Northumberland.

Sometimes, it seems as if one of this blog’s roles is to be a voice for the debatable lands of the north, to save us from the racist elites of Westminster who wish to read us through the prism of their own obsessions.

Part of our experience in Northumberland is that the obsessions of London are reducing the flexibility and diversity of public services to fit a template that does not fit us.

Want an example? Northumberland is sparsely populated, with appalling transport links. Racists, like Blair,are obsessed with school choice, and removing schools from local authority control so that they can pursue admission policies that provide middle class racists with the right kind of kids for their offspring to be educated alongside. One of the tools of that process is academization, and now, its logical conclusion, forced academization.

In Northumberland one of the solutions to the travel to school time problem for our rural communities, longsince deprived of their reliable rail links by the obsession with profit and the private motor car, was a boarding wing attached to Haydon Bridge High School. It meant kids from remote villages, instead of doing two hour journeys each way, could live in Monday to Friday.

Haydon Bridge is being forced into becoming an academy, and the academy providers, the astonishingly shitty Bright Tribe, are closing the boarding unit, because it’s unprofitable. So a schools policy born out of the Blairite need to accommodate racist middle class voters in the cities is ending up with kids in Northumberland having to do three to four hours a day on the bus.

Is it any wonder voters in Northumberland are disillusioned? Thanks to government cuts our hospitals are closing, and people are dying because of cuts in the police service. In a recent example, a man arrested in Berwick was taken sixty miles out of the county to be charged at the nearest police station with a cell available, in neighbouring North Tyneside, then released and told to make his own way the sixty miles back to Berwick. He was knocked down and killed while walking along a dual carriageway. He was making the same journey families have to make to see their loved ones in Northumberland’s only acute hospital, inaccessible to the rural population but apparently cost effective.

Blair says non white immigration is at the heart of the issue. In whiter than white Northumberland, the issue is ardent Europhiles, like Blair, who insist we have to live with diminished funding for services to placate the central bankers, and have to accept policies tailored to win over Racist Mondeo Man and White Supremacist Woman in marginal seats on the edge of cities where white flight is seen as a reasonable response to the presence of black people.

Blair might not like it, but a sizeable chunk of the Leave vote in Northumberland was not a rejection of non white migrants, but a rejection of white men like him.


One comment on “Short thoughts on Tony Blair’s racism

  1. Alex
    February 21, 2017

    The Blair speech seems to have sunk without trace. Which is just as well IMO.

    Some have read it as a deliberate attempt to sabotage Labour’s chances in the two by-elections this week. I haven’t been canvassing so I don’t know how badly it’s gone down on the doorsteps.

    Revolting speech whatever his intentions.


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