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Monthly Archives: April, 2017

Cycling’s structural problems

Jem forwarded an article to me about black cyclists’ experience of cycling. It was fascinating, but in my opinion missed the point. I’m a cyclist. I pass as white, I’m … Continue reading

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Queerness and categories

We have, with some happiness, returned to our filthy roots on this blog in the last ten days. In the process I’ve been thinking about our unashamed queerness, and what … Continue reading

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The final word on Rachel Dolezal

There’s a great, almost overly generous interview with Rachel Dolezal here. For new readers who wonder why I’m fascinated and repelled by Dolezal, this old blog might help you understand. … Continue reading

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Team sex

As I may have mentioned, my co-author and myself have had a bit of an adventure this week, and we’re still rather smiley about it. The rules of this blog … Continue reading

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On the leather bed

As has been said, this is an overheard conversation in a pub, where perhaps you strain your ears, maybe to work out if the woman just came from a whispered … Continue reading

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Maundy musings

As regular readers of this blog will know, its precursor was a blog that was much more about sex. We began each sex post we wrote with a variation on … Continue reading

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Oh the stigma of school dinners

Apparently, according to twitterati who know, the reason why poor families don’t take up school dinners is ‘stigma’. Ending charging for school dinners will, apparently,  take away the stigma. Really? … Continue reading

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