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Maundy musings

As regular readers of this blog will know, its precursor was a blog that was much more about sex.
We began each sex post we wrote with a variation on the same caveat; we don’t do BDSM101, or Naughtiness4Newbies. If we talk about sex, it’s a conversation between Jem and Carter, at a table in a slightly cramped cafe where we’re easily overheard. That rule still applies.

We are both busy people, and people who love to be busy. We both, also, are in that very middle class position of being classified as professionals rather than wage slaves, but at the beck and call of those who pay us.

As a result of changes in both our lives, we’ve been looking at alternatives ways of playing together. In our heads we’ve been in this relationship for a matter of weeks; the blog archive tells us otherwise.

This week, almost by chance, (someone offered us a slightly random invite) we ended up at a bi friendly party in a local MOSES. MOSES? Multi occupier sexual encounter site.

Now, there are lots of musings to be done over the next few days about why both Jem and I felt a little overwhelmed by this session. Unsurprisingly, one of the moments that made both of us smile was when Jem came, hard, while crouching down and sucking me in the doorway of a dungeon. Yes, in a piece of symbolism that no christian educated child could ignore, she bathed my feet, too, by squirting over them as she was being facefucked.

In the shower, afterwards, a shower big enough for both of us, Jem called me a cruel bastard. As most of our friends know, she is submissive, I am dominant, and a sadist. The tools of my cruelty on this occasion were a nylon back scrubber and some soap. Jem got the symbolism instantly. By washing her back, after an afternoon of sex in which our likes of dominance and submission were a covert operation made all the more enjoyable by their concealment, I was reminding her of how a willingness to do the ordinary can emphasize a position of leadership, not diminish it. As for leaders, so for doms. If there is something I have learned over the last few weeks (ahem) that we have been doing this thing, it is that the parallels between who I am sexually and who I am elsewhere are more and more comforting.

There are lots of musings that could be done, and probably wll be over the next few days, some of them here; first of all they have to go through our patented ‘is that really interesting or just a humblebrag’ filter. This post might help understand that.




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