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Reasons to be Cheerful

First things first, those who know more than me about polls tell me the chances of a Labour victory on Thursday are zero. The chances of a minority or hung parliament are slightly more likely, and there is an excellent guide to how to bring that about here by stavvers.

Given the fact we will probably be waking up on Friday to 5 more years of Tory misrule why have I broken our own election purdah to write? You may be also asking what there is to be cheerful about, especially if you are staring down the prospect of the Tory war on all who are vulnerable.

There has however been a change over the course of this election, one I never expected to see. Whilst the changes to Labour Party policy have been heartening, and moved the Overton window considerably (nationalisation anyone) they have been policy for a while. Yes, it matters that people are hearing an alternative to the neo liberal myth of austerity, but its what that has led to which I think matters more.

Tonight Jeremy Corbyn spoke in Gateshead, and 10,000 people came to hear him speak in the pouring rain. In my part of the world local people who have never campaigned before are driving between villages and putting banners on bridges. A huge number of young people who have never voted before have registered, and by all accounts intend to vote on Thursday.

Democracy is not a great system, but it is the best we have. Democracy becomes even worse when people are disengaged. If people do not feel that their vote matters, they do not vote, they do not call politicians to account, they do not join parties. The history of the Labour Party over the past 20 years shows us how dangerous that can be. When the ordinary person becomes divorced from the political parties that are supposed to represent them those parties become isolated and inward looking. This isn’t just bad for the party, but for the country as a whole, since people who do not feel represented are far more likely to be caught up in the false promises of extremists, be they ISIS or UKIP.

So, as we see people once again thinking they matter, that their voice might just have a chance of being heard, I can see genuine reasons for optimism whatever happens on Thursday. However, this comes with a warning, the change we need can only happen if we continue to make our voices heard, if we continue to fight, and if we vote to get the Tories out, each and every time.


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