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10 hot takes to be going on with

  1. Theresa May has just, at a stroke, rehabilitated the reputations of Tory leaders as rancidly bad as Ted Heath and Ian Duncan Smith. For the Tories this is a moment as bad as Feb 74,when Heath asked the country ‘who governs Britain’ and the electorate replied ‘not fucking you mate.’
  2. For Labour turnout matters, and turnout requires hope.
  3. Corbyn has a generational, once in a lifetime chance to re-define leadership as something more than a suit, a smile and good teeth.
  4. After fifty years of exceptionalism, normal politics has been resumed in Scotland, Wales and North east England. The myth of left of centre Scotland is dead and buried.
  5. Just as Theresa May is Ted Heath as farce, not tragedy, so Tim Farron is Jeremy Thorpe; even though Tim’s problems with homosexuality come from the opposite direction to Thorpe. Broadly,Thorpe was in the closet, willing to murder people to avoid being dragged out; Farron is outside the closet, trying to push people in, even if it kills them. The similarity is that both Thorpe and Farron presided over a broken party condemned to rural obscurity with no obvious purpose in life and no hope of governing in their own name.
  6. UKIP are finished. All that remains is for them to either self destruct or merge with the BNP.
  7. Two party politics is coming; it could be even more presidential, or it could be even more engaging. You can help decide.
  8. The highwater mark of Scottish nationalism is past. Alex Salmond faces a bitter, lonely retirement watching his legacy dwindle, like a lonely old man in a care home watching his savings eroded to pay the care fees.
  9. If elections are battles, Labour’s successes came about because of its irregulars, its weekend warriors, not the professional soldiers of the party machine, who were utterly, shamelessly useless. A root and branch review of the Labour organization is long overdue.
  10. Linton Crosby? Who he? Not since David Moyes took over as Man Utd manager has so little been done with so much potential.
  11. Laura Kuenssburg. Nuff said. To have not spotted this result coming was incompetence on the grandest scale, and affected all the chatterati who pretend to be journalists while sharing their opinions.

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