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How did we get here?

It is a year since the brexit vote, and the country feels angrier, and more divided than ever. Even before the vote we saw how deep the division was, with the assassination of Jo Cox, which very oddly has been written out of history in a way that never happened with Airey Neave or Lord Mountbatten.

Those who won the brexit vote have invented a whole new lexicon to express their anger and disgust at winning. They shout, posture and scream, seemingly growing angrier with each day, raising the levels of hate until events like Finsbury Park become inevitable.

That’s how we talk about events now, geography brought into summarise, and sanitise moments which we would perhaps shy away from if we did not employ locational euphemism. It’s not just terrorism either, Grenfell Tower belongs in this euphemistic map-making too. Manchester, Westminster, London Bridge, Grenfell. Here 11 yr old girls were bombed, there a policeman stabbed, this spot marks where a knife was used to kill and maim, and the last (but not of course the last) location. Here babies were throw from windows as the poor, the migrants, the unwanted and unwelcome burned alive.

How did we get here?

The defunding of public services

The incomprehensible cuts to council services

The rolling back of red tape

The demonisation of those on benefits

The attack after attack on immigrants






British values

How did we get here?

Rape victims having to disclose their rape to faceless officials in the ministry of love, just to claim the money to feed their child

How did we get here?

I think we need to turn the question around. How did a largely older, privileged, recipiants of the benefits of a fully funded NHS, student grants, affordable housing, end up so angry, so determined to deny those very things to their own children and grandchildren?

I know a simple division by age is reducing the complex to the soundbite. However at the same time the brexit vote and recent election did split very clearly on age. It is reaching the point where #NotAllBoomers is unhelpful. If a group largely acts a certain way, looking at the outliers who do not isn’t going to answer the question. How did we get here?

The anger seems to be personal, how dare people make different choices, want a kinder, more compassionate country? Each day the shouts become less comprehensible, and it causes me to wonder exactly what they are trying to drown out. My only conclusion is that it is personal, people are looking back at their lives, and despite having every advantage that could be offered, they are not happy. The solutions are not external, but internal, but that self examination might be painful, so instead, the blame is placed on others, all the others, all those who it has been too easy to demonise.

How did we get here?

Hate became normalised, blaming others became normalised, lack of empathy became prized, there is no such thing as society became a motto to be proud of.

How do we leave here?

Compassion, empathy, love, understanding, exactly those traits which have been mocked and derided for so long.



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