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Defending the wrong thing

Yvette Cooper, in her tendentious and mendacious attempt to re-launch her leadership ambitions and pre-empt a good news story for Jeremy Corbyn (the astonishing turnout at te Durham Big Meeting) defends Laura Kuenssberg because, apparently, it’s Laura’s  job to ask hard questions.

Cooper is right, for the wrong reasons, and those reasons are why so many people distrust Kuenssberg. The majority of her ‘news’ output and contributions to programming is not direct questioning of subjects; instead it’s those old favourites of BBC correspondents that were at the heart of the Hutton Inquiry report; the loosely scripted one to one between correspondent and presenter, or the favourite of Kuenssberg, the lofty piece to camera, declaimed by the journalist with assumed authority and privilege derived from their sense of entitlement.

If Yvette Cooper cared about journalism she’d ask why so much of Laura Kuenssberg’s output relies on unnamed and anonymous sources; Cooper won’t, of course, because she’s almost certainly one of the anonymous sources who have repeatedly briefed against Corbyn.

As a result Cooper profoundly misses the point; Kuenssberg is distrusted and reviled not because she asks hard questions, but because she does not reveal her sources or the process of intellectual transubstantiation by which her opinions become news.


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