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Amongst my peer group at school there was a common trope that said, bluntly, that if you let a man fuck you up the arse you became a woman. By the time I started comprehensive school I suspected that this was not true, since I’d had more than one cock up my arse and my genitals remained the same as before.

One of the commonplace tropes about being a boy, or a man, is that you need positive male role models to teach you how to be a man. Being fucked up the arse or in the mouth by well respected men who treated me like a sex object gave me an interesting perspective on this.

Now that Dr Who is destined to regenerate as a woman, or what Gallifreyans think a woman looks like, apparently, there is an issue about whether boys can cope with a doctor who is not male. Now, bear in mind that the whole Dr Who conceit is that the doctor is alien, has two hearts, and never evidences any corporeal reality. Apparently, according to sundry misogynistic fuckwits, this means boys will be deprived of a positive role model.

As a former boy, I disagree.

As a very young male, I adored Barbara Castle – she was a minister in the government, and took on the press as they attacked her.  This boy,who knew even then that he was different,  could look at Barbara Castle and think – there goes a good person, I would like to be that person. If I were a cross dresser, I know full well exactly who I wanted to look like.

In the 1980s, when I was a petrol head, I could watch Louise Aitken Walker drive rally cars with a passion and style that refused to be shut out by the misogynistic attitudes of the governing body. This boy could look at Louise and think, there goes a star.

Nicola Adams? Nuff said. I bottom for no-one, now, but there are times when I would make an exception, and fuck me, but someone with the talent, skill and style of  Nicola Adams is a reason to make an exception. My sexuality aside, NA is a wonderful athlete, a good woman and a star. If you can’t look at her and see a star, your problem isn’t Nicola; it’s your prejudices.

Nicole Cook? Beryl Burton? This boy was brought up to recognize achievement,to recognize outcomes, not stereotypes. Did I mention @MxJackMonroe? This blog bows to no-one in our admiration for Jack. Whatever else you think, they put food, diet and poverty onto the agenda.

This boy can look at women, at men, and all the alternatives, and see the reasons why they are role models. This boy knows that there are [eople who will think he has missed the point. This boy knows that doesn’t matter. What matters is this boy can look at the whole picture, and admire realities, not cultural constructs.



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