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Not #metoo

The formative experiences of my life between the ages of 11 and 13 were that first a man, then men, and boys, including a classmate from school, were involved in … Continue reading

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Michael Fallon’s resignation statement in full

“On Monday I touched her on the ankle, Tuesday I touched her on her knee, On Wednesday I confess, I lifted up her dress, On Thursday I saw it, gor … Continue reading

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A beginners guide to rape complaints for political parties

It’s very simple. Bear in mind that, as a blog, we have a track record of pointing out that political parties and their peripheries are not always safe places. We … Continue reading

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Hat tip to Catalonia

Yes, yes, I know but Orwell was sufficiently on trend for his time so we can imagine he’d know what a hat tip is. Anyway, Catalonia. What to say? Apparently, … Continue reading

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The solicitors letter scam

Anyone who’s ever done welfare or debt advice work will know the solicitors letter scam. The solicitors letter scam, in short, is where a debt collector uses the name of … Continue reading

October 18, 2017 · 3 Comments

Fake news or bad journalism

Andrew Gilligan has written a piece in the Sunday Times today attacking Mermaids, the wonderful charity that works with families and transgender children. Mermaids have replied here. Mermaids have been … Continue reading

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Rolespace and rolescapes, not roleplay

As a blog, we have always had a consistent rule against roleplay, in the sense of BDSM. Simply put, we’ve always thought BDSM is both too serious, and too requiring … Continue reading

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Fools Gold

What is submission? As Eamon Holmes scrapes the bottom of a barrel I didnt even know existed (and no I am not watching) on channel 5 it is a question … Continue reading

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Action and realities

As some people will know, this blog is a team effort in the same way that a BDSM relationship is, in our world, a team effort. We’re both aware of … Continue reading

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Amongst my peer group at school there was a common trope that said, bluntly, that if you let a man fuck you up the arse you became a woman. By … Continue reading

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