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One Year On

The blog in it’s current form is a year old this month. Some of you have followed us from elsewhere, some of you are newer friends, you are all welcome to what is essentially the musings of two people who write because they always have, and always will. What began as an attempt to kick against those who saw BDSM as a lifestyle and impose rules on how it should be done has grown into so much more. Yesterday we both wrote about why we blog, and why we blog together; Why do I write and A Year of Joy and A lifetime of  Learning

For the next month we will chose some of our favourite posts, one each day. We hope you enjoy this wander and feel free to make your own suggestions. Here is to the next year, and the places it may take us all.

July 2013

The N word– lets start at our roots, grown up writing about sex

Class, caravans and Maddie– two of our recurring themes, class and the pearl clutchers who believe they know what is best for their inferiors

I should perhaps make clear I am avoiding posts that got widely shared in the past. I could have linked to slane girl, or the heartbreaking murder of Jasmine, important posts, but this is more like digging around in the attic and finding a forgotten ornament you want to bring out and put on display.

August 2013

Leadership,hard questions and Feminism. The banknotes mainstream feminists don’t care about, the ones in women’s pockets

Tilting at sex work windmills the regulation of sex work and understanding local cultural norms

September 2013

Boys Don’t – a simply beautiful post on childhood fears, bisexuality and looking at the stars

Micheal Le Vell and Syria– why we believe the victims and why not guilty doesn’t mean no crime was committed.

October 2013

Jemima did her best with the idea of Britishness, and there is no higher standard on this blog than Jemima’s best – like this post.

She then topped it with this splendid piece reflecting our blog name.

November 2013 

In November both Carter and I wrote letters of love, to our 10 year old selves.

A letter to my ten year old self.  A moving and beautiful letter of hope and reassurance, content note for child sexual abuse

Google, river song and being brave. Learning to love my body and sexuality will take time, but it will come


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